What if the Moon Disappeared? – Aaditva Nanda

What if the Moon Disappeared? – Aaditva Nanda

The Moon is something we’ve seen every day, but have you ever wondered, what will happen if it disappeared? Well… let’s find out!

If the moon disappeared, we would have nothing to see in the night sky. This could be beneficial for stargazers. Moon causes tidal waves. If the Moon disappeared, there would be no waves. Surfers would be extremely sad. If the moon disappeared, there would be not solar neither lunar eclipse to look at.

Scientists would find it very puzzling. They would have to conduct research all throughout the day. Nocturnal animals such as owls, would find it very difficult to hunt at night. Without the moon’s gravity, Earth would rotate much faster. This might result in days being less than 24 hours.

We would have to turn on a lot of lights. Our electricity bills would skyrocket. Moon’s disappearance might tilt Earth’s axis drastically, causing extreme changes in seasons. Moon has protected Earth from many comets and asteroids. If the Moon disappeared, Earth might be wiped out in the next couple of decades. 

So, I ask you, Can you imagine a world without the moon?

~ Aaditva Nanda | 6A

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