Marie Curie, a star in the night, Shinning mind, a scientific light. With passion for science, she took her flight, Discovering things day and night. In labs bright with radium’s gleam, Her curious heart, like a laser beam. In a time when girls were told to stay small, Marie stood tall, defying it all. Marie and Pierre, science pals so clever, Exploring together a friendship that’ll be forever. Radium and polonium, elements new, Noble Prize in 1903, for the brace so true In 1911, Chemistry’s Noble prize she’d claim, For polonium’s secret, in science’s name. Two Noble prizes, an achievement quite rare, For her work in physics and chemistry to share. In World War I, with X-ray grace, Mobile units rolled, in a curing race. Marie curie, a scientist bright, In the world of atoms, a radiant light So, friends, let your dreams take flight, Like Marie Curie, in the world so bright. Science, discovery, and friendship true, A world of adventure is waiting for you!

Shaanvi Tokas

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