I remember a science exhibition I attended in October last year. The first speaker strode onto the stage, microphone in hand, and asked us a very simple yet baffling question. "How do you spell science?", he asked. One by one, many brave members spelled it out flawlessly, but our cries of S-C-I-E-N-C-E were met with his dissatisfied, monotonous "no". So when we, the perplexed audience demanded the correct spelling of that magical word, he smiled and replied with "W-H-Y".

Those three letters capture the essence of science far better than any thesis or experimental data. Those three letters encapsulate the realms of discovery, exploration and invention, forming the very foundation on which our intellectual skyscrapers stand. That " Why" is within every man, woman and from the time of their birth, till their last breath. Without that " why " in our life, there is no curiosity, no exploration, no knowledge and no light to guide humanity through the centuries to come. Science has always been an endless search for answers, and scientists those cartographers who dare to map every inch of knowledge this world has to offer. This magazine, aims to answer that "why" by celebrating science, the art of questioning.


Evolutionary Computation

LearnĀ about the ways of the old being used to suit our daily technological needs.

Intro to M-Theory

Learn about one of the most complicated scientific theories known to man, that aims towards a unified field theory.

Intro to Indian Mathematics

Learn about the brilliant mathematics coined by Indian mathematics who were far ahead of their time!
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