Science touches our lives in multitudinous ways, it is that omnipresent body of knowledge which governs every aspect of our lives. It is the study that connects everything that happens in the entire universe. It uses reason and logic to solve problems of every variety and is forever in pursuit of unravelling the unknown.

In this spirit of scientific thought and reasoning, this month’s Science Magazine brings together ideas from many parts of the scientific spectrum. From the discussion of spacetime geometry to time crystals, DNA storage to stem cells, few articles discuss the abstract elements of the universe and the world that lies ahead of us. Along with this, there are articles based on the environment around us and the working of our own mind and body. This amalgamation of the past, present and future helps us truly understand the meaning of science and its applications in our lives.

The past few weeks have been ones of immense hard work. Starting work on the new issue of the magazine from scratch, editing the magazine has been a difficult yet rewarding task. I hope that all of you reading this magazine do enjoy reading the articles and learn and discover a bit more about the infinitely large field of Science!


To crack the Rubik's Cube!

Learn interesting facts about the simple looking yet complex Rubik's Cube and how to solve it using the Game Theory!

DNA:The new storage device

Discover more on how scientists are using DNA for storage purposes and why they are using this method!

Hyperloop: Super-fast transport of the future

Read more on Elon Musk's Hyperloop initiative, which will soon connect San Francisco to Los Angeles in half an hour!

The Grand Prismatic Lake

Learn more about the Grand Prismatic Lake and the phenomenon behind its variety of colours!
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The Science of Art

Delve into the applications of scientific principles in art and the idea of perspective art!
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The Science of Love

Discover the chemical reactions and hormones that take part in the complex process of falling in love!
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