Science is a field which can explain everything that is happening around us. From the device that you are using to view this website to the big bang which lead to the birth of the universe, everything comes under this huge umbrella. Even after years of discoveries and inventions, there are new ones being made every day and this vast subject is growing bigger and bigger.

The science magazine is a medium through which you can learn about the latest developments in science. This month’s edition includes articles on various disciplines of science. It includes topics such as time being the fourth dimension, technologies that can perceive what the brain is viewing, an eco-friendly method to package beverages.

These articles have been put together by the editors of the Vasant Valley School Science Magazine with tons of effort. I present to you, Horizons and hope you can absorb something about the world of science around you.

The Edible Water Blob Revolution

Learn about the new technology which could change the way we drink water.

Pendulum Clocks

Read about the device which has been used read time since centuries.

Web of Fear

Read about the Wannacry ransomware attack that affected thousands of computers all over the world.

Moore's Law and its Current Challenge

Learn about the law of computers which is being challenged by principles of quantum mechanics.
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The Fourth Dimension-Time

Discover more about a topic which seems so simple in our every day lives but is very vast in the world of science
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Seabed Mining

Learn about the resources found deep underwater and the harmful effects caused by mining them.
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