What if..? – Anam Mathur

What if..? – Anam Mathur

What if we are all stuck in a simulation? What if it isn’t our minds controlling us but another person? What if there are thousands of other multiverses. These “What-if’s” only end in one conclusion, the so-called “Reality”. Not letting us express or extend forwards into our wild dreams, which may just be a glimpse of ourselves in maybe another land.

What if dinosaurs still existed? If that asteroid hadn’t struck, the dinosaurs would in all likelihood still rule the Earth. After all, Dinos dominated for 160 million years prior to the Earth-shattering event, “the fifth extinction”. Researchers have speculated that intelligent “Dinosauroids” might have evolved in humanity’s place, based on the relatively large brain size of late-emerging Trodontid species, which were bird-like predators, or maybe had not evolved but shrunk over time, and were living just like birds, bears, tigers and such creatures. 

What if viruses are Earth’s way of getting rid of us humans, wiping each one of us slowly, but causing everyone pain. Viruses which were there to only kill bacteria,  are now taking over our body, even though we are much stronger and alive while they are dead until they enter us. These what ifs will never end, and so won’t this planet but humans sure can and will. In conclusion, I would like you to think bigger because..what if?

~ Anam Mathur | 7B

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