The AI Takeover – Anant Agarwal

The AI Takeover – Anant Agarwal

Quick, what’s the under root of 228? What’s the highest ever grossing Mexican film? If you answered “15.1” and “Instructions Not Included”, there are two possibilities. One is that you are a walking encyclopedia. The other is that you’re using the most powerful brain-enhancement technology of the 21st century so far: the internet.

Even though the internet was the first step into exploring what all you can do with technology, as technology has flourished and expanded, we have developed a new invention: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In simple terms this is when computer systems are able to perform tasks requiring human intelligence.

Currently, AI has been blowing up on social media. Now anybody can just open a website and ask queries or speak to an AI chatbot. Even though there are a lot of benefits of AI it has started to take over a lot of unexpected industries like the medical and art industry. Would you expect art being expressed by AI? Art has always been aesthetic and a form of expression for humans however now you can feed an AI generator with text prompts and it will develop an art concept that matches the prompt. 

I believe that as technology is reaching new heights people who work in tandem with AI will definitely prosper and thrive as against those who will try to compete against it.

~ Anant Agarwal | 7B

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