Physicists Open a Traversable Holographic Wormhole – Smit Bachan

Physicists Open a Traversable Holographic Wormhole – Smit Bachan

~Smit Bachan | 11CThe tangled tale of how physicists built a groundbreaking wormhole in a lab  | Aeon Videos

About a century ago, Einstein and Rosen (ER) wrote a paper that introduced the idea of a “bridge” connecting two black holes, i.e. a “wormhole.” That same year, Einstein, Rosen and Podolsky (EPR) published a paper on quantum entanglement, which confirmed information exchange between two distant quantum particles, which Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”. Decades later, physicist Juan Maldacena proposed the conjecture ER=EPR, suggesting a connection between quantum entanglement and wormholes.

In the experiment, done by the Quanta Magazine, physicists used a holographic version of wormholes which were obtained by implementing a neural network on Google’s Quantum computer. And recently, they discovered a peak in the data they received, indicating that a qubit of the quantum computer had successfully traversed a wormhole created by the sudden spike of negative energy.If wormholes exist, could we really travel through them? |

This experiment has provided evidence for the confirmation of the existence of a traversable wormhole as well as making progress in a century old conjecture and is therefore one of the most notable advances in the scientific world today. 

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