Expanding Realm of Technology – Maedhaavi Mahajan

Expanding Realm of Technology – Maedhaavi Mahajan

Technology has the world in a chokehold. This fact you can never deny. From our phones to our refrigerators, to even our toilets, have been in some way modied to make life more convenient to us humans, through this majestic blade we refer to as technology. And every day as the hands of the clock tick away, humans, “the all omnipotent beings”, create something new. As each task becomes more of a convenience to the masses, the inventors and creators of this earthly realm delve into more pristine types of technology. From the very beginning humans have drilled the drive for innovation into their heads, and as in their nature, once they nd a way to create, they never stop. So when they decide that one area of technology has developed enough, they move to the next one, then the next, and the next. through this never-ending cycle, humanity has ensured its dominance and the indenite advancement in technology.

As an example, have you ever wondered what technology looked like 100 years ago? Well, it certainly didn’t look anything similar to what we have now, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have the technology! It’s quite the opposite. In 1856, the rst car was invented, then in the 1920’s it was modied to a more contemporary design. Then again in the 1950s people tweaked it to benet their condition of living, so much so that they predicted that at the pace they were going, people in the 21 century would have gured out how to create ying cars! Even though we haven’t accomplished that yet, we have never been closer, and I have no doubts we will soon accomplish this goal.

But How about something that hits closer to home? Well, think of 10 years ago, when the coolest way to stay up to date was to buy a ticket to the latest movie release or stay up late to catch the tv airing your favourite show! Now, all we need to do is pay a small monthly fee to watch anything and everything on a streaming service. As I now compare the past to the present, I ponder what the future beholds. It is no secret that we are constantly evolving, the question is just how far we can go. However many concerns may lie about the new technologies, one fact is undeniable. Technology is here to last no matter your opinion on it,

for better or for worse. in any size shape or form, technology will forever remain an essential part of life, so lets us make the best of it. Let us use it for the betterment of the world, and the betterment of humanity.

Thank you.

~Maedhaavi Mahajan | 6B

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