Time Travel: A Real Possibility?

Time Travel: A Real Possibility?

Is time-travel possible? This is a question that we all want answered!
Well, time-travelers already walk among us. In fact, you’re travelling through time right now – rushing into the future at the spectacular rate of 1 second per second! However, this isn’t quite what you have seen in movies and shows.

You’re almost always moving through time at the same speed, whether you’re watching a cake bake or wishing that the test in front of you would fills itself up on its own (yeah, it’s probably a decent plan to give up all hope), it is possible to experience time passing at a special rate other than one second per second.

A simple demonstration of time dilation

Einstein’s theory of special relativity explains why astronauts orbiting on the International Space Station satellite experience time ticking more slowly (relative to an observer on Earth). At the speed the ISS moves at, the result is minuscule. However, ramp up the velocity and the effect means that one day humans might travel thousands of years into the future. 

Nature seems to be less keen on humans going the other way and returning to the past, but some physicists have concocted an elaborate blueprint for the simplest way to try to do it using wormholes and spaceships. It could even be used to hand yourself a gift you’ve always wanted on Diwali or Christmas, or unravel some dangerous truths that surround the universe’s great unknowns!

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