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The Science Behind Superheroes


By Prithvi Oak


Now, before you go and tell your physics teacher that a particle accelerator can allow you to time travel, you should probably research about these things.

Today, though, I won’t be focusing on that, but instead, the reasons why some superpowers wouldn’t be as exciting as shown on television.

Increasing your Size:  We all may think that a villain who can increase in body mass will be cool, but in reality, his weight will (most probably) also increase by 27 times!!! The ground wouldn’t be able to hold him, and he wouldn’t be able to find clothes that could withstand such friction. Also, he would need to eat 27 times the amount of food he usually eats. Remember that mass cannot be created, nor destroyed, too!

Super Strength:  In such a case, all that you touch would shatter with you strength, and your strong arms would cause more harm than good.

Super Speed:  Particles like dust would hit against your face, and the friction would kill you. Not to mention, the wind will block your vision.

CW’s The Flash, a member of the DC Universe, who has powers of super speed

Flight:  There are high risks of flying at such high altitudes, like low air pressure. Also, Newton’s third law assures that flying would be slower than swimming. Also, we require streamlined bodies for flight.

I don’t mean to ruin your favourite television shows, but these are the problems you would face if getting these powers is even possible!

Credits: TED-Ed

Rohil Bahl