The Necessity and Practice of Environment Conservation

The Necessity and Practice of Environment Conservation

In my house, there are two kinds of bins in the kitchen- one for recyclable items and one for non-recyclable items. When I’m not feeling too lazy, (about 20% of the time), I walk all the way to the kitchen to dispose of my waste properly. I discard the other 80% of it in the nearest dustbin I can find.

However, in light of the World Environment Day and my promise to the school – to segregate waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items – I decided to make a few changes that will benefit the environment. Here are some actions that you can take to do your part, too!

Segregate your waste!

Humans produce too much waste and don’t deal with it in a sustainable enough way; out of the 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste we produce, only 9% is recycled! The trash in landfills releases methane gas, while incarceration leads to release of carbon dioxide. Segregating waste makes it much easier to recycle and reduces the volume dumped into landfills. 

(Visit https://bengaluru.citizenmswmrt-solid-waste-management or to learn how to segregate your waste.)

Unplug your electronics!

Constantly leaving your computer plugged in uses 235 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, and your cable box uses 227 kilowatt-hours every year, even if you never watch TV. Unplugging such devices consumes less power, and consuming less power means lower emissions of toxic fumes from power plants and subsequent conservation of earth’s natural resources! Take it a step further by buying energy efficient appliances and avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 33 million cars.

Don’t waste water!

This is both super obvious and super important. No resource is unlimited, and we’re starting to run out of water. The simplest of actions— turning the tap off while brushing your teeth or washing your hands, taking shorter showers, not using your toilet for trash disposal— can save more than 100 litres per day.

– Tia Goculdas


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