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Tech Roast (Macbook Pro Edition)


By Shrey Baid


Need a new MacBook Pro?
Like, Pro Pro?
Like needs an adapter for everything Pro?
Or a charger that isn’t magnetic Pro?
How about no SD card storage Pro?

Yeah. Apple’s got you covered.

“Imagine owning the largest company in the world and spending two years of innovation just to add an emoji bar.” That’s just about what Apple did with the new MacBook Pro lineup. Well yeah, they’re 17% thinner, but does that make that much of a difference? Here’s the thing, if these new laptops didn’t carry the Pro label, Apple would have suffered a lot less backlash, and we’d have a lot less to worry about. But these are MacBook PROS and this $4300 device tops out 16GB of memory, and when Apple removes all but one existing port from its “Pro” MacBooks, there’s going to be some consequences. You know things are bad when Apple has to lower the prices of dongles and LG’s monitors just so people would calm down.

Now to the new Touch Bar- it’s a cool feature, sure, but I’d rather just use keyboard shortcuts instead of having to look up and interrupting the flow of my work… None of Apple’s additions to the MacBook Pros improve professional workflows yet, and its subtractions will lead to plenty of headaches. If Apple actually believes that these new devices are suitable for intensive professional needs which utilize services outside those provided by them, their long relationship with creative professionals is coming to an end.


Rohil Bahl