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Tech Roast (AirPods Edition)


By Aditya Chopra 

March 2017

If you ever wanted toothbrush heads hanging from your ear, blaring subpar music at stellar prices, Apple has you covered. At the price of $160 these little ear buds (cleverly?) named AirPods are the only solution Apple could think of to their self created problem of having no auxiliary jack input in their new iPhone devices. Emphasis on little, because if you don’t get these wet, or drop one while running, we can almost certainly assure you, you will lose these tiny white devils. If aesthetic was once a selling point for this tech giant, it is certainly losing its touch and AirPods are evidence enough for that.

It’s not all bad though. The sound quality of these purchasebaits (the author had to coin this term for he found no other word in the language which grasped Apple’s philosophy behind the AirPods) is so average, that the speaker on the iPhone finally sounds bearable in comparison. So I assure you, if you’re a ‘glass half full kinda guy’ (which you obviously are, you apple fanboy) then you cannot regret this purchase.

Take your old apple EarPods and cut off the wires. Plug them in your ears. And you already have a better sounding system than the AirPods. Oh and if you do buy these, don’t go running in the snow, if you drop one of them somewhere, you’ll have to wait all winter to find it.

Rohil Bahl