The Annual Vasant Valley Science Fair for 2021

Video Challenge

The Class 6 Video Challenge not only allowed students to exhibit their scientific knowledge and talents but even led to new friendships being formed. Eighteen schools participated in this event in which they were asked to create a short video to demonstrate an experiment in science in an engaging and creative way. All the videos were showcased through two separate YouTube premieres in between which students shared their experiences in recording and choosing their experiment in the Zoom meeting. From ten failed attempts to partnering with classmates and forming new friendships, they all had a lot to share. The videos were judged by two Vasant Valley School alumni, Ashutosh Trivedi and Abhijeet Singh Aulakh. After all the participating students were asked a range of science riddles by two senior Vasant Valley School students, the judges gave their feedback and the event concluded with everyone having something new to take back home.

The results of the session were as follows:

First place: Aarav Narang and Keya Mallik(Gems Modern Academy)

Second place: Aadya and Gurkeerat(Welham Girls School, Dehradun)

Third place: Ishita Ghai and Suveer Taneja(The Mothers International School)

Trash to Toys

20 schools took part in the Trash To Toys competition, held for class 7. Students needed to be innovative and utilize waste material to make a toy suitable to play with. They also had to present a video showing the mechanism and scientific concepts involved. After all their efforts, the final product from all schools was brilliant and used a wide range of scientific principles. Interestingly, a toy car was built by three schools using three different concepts, namely conservation of energy, magnetism and air pressure.

The results of the session were as follows:

First place: Veera Wason and Diksha Jain(Convent of Jesus and Mary)

Second place: Aditiya Gupta and Ahaana Arora(Springdales School)

Third place: Parthivi Bhatia and Nidhir Bardhan(Tagore International School) and Joshua George and Shivkaran Singh(Vasant Valley School)

Mystery Trail

The Mystery Trail event organised for class 8 was a memorable and enjoyable experience. Students hustled between 10 different stations, cracking clues and solving puzzles along the way. Although the event ran overtime, no one complained as it was just so much fun!

After the event, Kaavya Saha said, “Although the content of the activities was intellectual, they were organised in a way which made it exciting and enjoyable. All in all, it was a great learning experience and representing our school was an honour.”

The results of the session were as follows:

First place: Samanyu Srivastav(Bluebells International School)

Second place: Kaavya Saha(Vasant Valley School)

Third place: Adwik Basu(The Lawrence School, Sanawar)

Panel Discussion

Joining the online session with smiles on their faces and questions running through their minds, the participants from across the nation were ready to debate humankind’s latest hobby, Space Exploration. Provided with the topic “The ramifications of privatisation on space exploration”, the participants were divided into 4 panels from which 2 would speak for the motion and 2 against.

After an hour of growing collaboration, camaraderie, and enthusiasm, the panels were ready to present their case. From a toddler dreaming about the wonders of space travel, all the way to Richard Branson making those childhood dreams come true, the almost scholarly panellists expressed their opinions on every aspect of space exploration and its management. With some amazing speeches, opinions, and questions raised, the Panel Discussion certainly furthers the idea that space travel is no longer just a distant dream.

The results of the session were as follows:

Best Panel:
Meher Arora (Mount St. Mary’s School)
Aadya Sinha(Convent of Jesus and Mary)
Vanshi Agrawal (Welham Girls’ School)
Aarush Kapur (Vasant Valley School)

Best Speaker:
Taran Saxena (Tagore international school, Vasant Vihar)


The students of class 10 fought an exhilarating battle, in a fast-paced, logical quiz hosted by Siddhant Gandhi and Sayee Leshya. From the COVID-19 round to the emoji-based round, the participants easily adjusted to the different rounds and faced no difficulty. Siya Singh from Springdales School started off the quiz with a mind-blowing start, and halfway into the quiz, the competition seemed over. The quiz was going on swimmingly, it seemed like the wifi gods had blessed the occasion, and the winner seemed to be clear, however, a perilous prank from the wifi gods, may have changed the winner. After the slight disruption, Krishika Sharma of Mount Carmel started her comeback, and by the time we reached the last round, there was despondency in the air. The winner had already been decided.

The results of the session were as follows:

First place: Krishika Sharma(Mount Carmel School)

Second place: Siya Singh(Springdales School)

Third place: Rupsha Rajib Ghosh(Tagore International School)

Talk on Marine Conservation by Ms Ria Sen

The event was concluded by Vasant Valley School alumni, Ms Ria Sen, who conducted an interactive session on combating climate change through marine conservation. Through the talk, Ms Sen showed us the numerous unique ways to prevent climate change. Understanding how global climate changes are and the delicate balance that is required for the changing seasons was wonderful. The El Niño and the La Niña connection made us truly realise this. Innovative solutions like seaweed farms and the future that we will have to look towards gave not only a sense of foreboding but also a sense of excitement. The question and answer session was a great learning experience for students of all the participating schools. This was proceeded by the results of the various activities, which were announced by our principal, Ms. Sharmila Bakshi.