Infinite Energy Sources

Infinite Energy Sources

We on earth have always required and used energy. It could be our own physical energy or energy from external sources like heat, electricity, nuclear fission and fusion. Additionally, There is solar energy, derived from the sun. Solar energy consumed  on earth is only a percentage of the total energy stored in the sun; Imagine the potential that we can still harness! This is the concept of the Dyson Sphere, first thought of by Olaf Stapled and later explored in detail by Freeman Dyson. What do you think this could be?

Will we need to build a super structure completely encasing the sun? No, this does not seem feasible, as this structure will be subject to meteors and other objects in the sky. We additionally must “weigh in” the gravitational pull of the sun (pun intended). So we now must consider something else. Could it be tiny mirrors set to orbit the sun? These mirror objects might reflect the light (and energy) of the sun to earth. Now, how does one make so many these objects orbit the sun? Well, if man can set up a base near the sun (possibly a planet or a Satellite Station), perhaps satellites with mirrors could be set in action. However, the costs will be too high, and there is also the risk of damage by meteors. These are interesting propositions, though, and one day we can narrow down on the probable solutions or come up with something totally new. Such are the wonders of science and the  questions raised by Dyson Spheres. 

But wait! This is not the only way to extract energy. We have another concept which goes beyond harnessing Sun Energy- the Black Hole Bomb– a theoretical idea of what we as mankind would call infinite energy. It was first thought of in a fantasy book, but it could possibly be made into a reality. The black hole is the result of a huge star collapsing in on itself. This, though, won’t happen to moderately sized stars like the sun.

Simply put, a black hole is the tiniest possible object in the universe, which can yet absorb infinite mass. All black holes have a singularity, the point right in the Centre which has no surface area and is “mind – numbingly” tiny. And yet, it holds all the matter a black hole takes in. If a spinning star collapses into a black hole, it becomes a spinning black hole. It will continue to spin; in fact, it will spin faster than the original star since the black hole will be smaller than the star. In spinning black holes, singularity does not work, because a “point” cannot spin; instead, it has a ring-ularity, a disc which spins incredibly fast. Due to its extreme rotational force, a rotational energy field forms around the black hole (like a dome) – an ergosphere. It’s like a whirlpool; you go round and round so fast that you have to travel at the speed of light just to stand still! 

So how can we use this to generate infinite energy? Well, that’s where we introduce the concept of black hole bomb!

The interesting thing is, in order to take energy from a spinning black hole, you must throw something in. Well, we can give it electro-magnetic waves, which, after touching the ergosphere, will be charged with energy, and we can extract that energy.

How? We cover the black hole and the ergosphere in a glass shield 10cm thick. Then, we open a small part, shoot electro – magnetic waves, and close it. The waves will bounce again and again- faster and faster, and at some point they will start hitting the glass surface.  At that point, we let a few mirrors open, and voila! We capture the energy and harvest it.

If we can pull off this “energy-heist”, we will have infinite energy at our disposal- the next step to becoming an interstellar civilization! At the end of the universe, when all stars burn out, black hole generators might be our only chance to light up again.

The reason we give it the expression black hole bomb has to do with what happens if the setup malfunctions; the waves could go uncontrolled, and the glass shield could explode! If any life would be present, it would be blown out of existence. However, if we manage to mitigate risk and keep researching effective methods to obtain energy, we may, soon enough, make this theory a reality.

– Arhaan. B. Ray & Ayaan Agarwal


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