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Dear subscribers of our humble Science blog,

It makes me proud, and nostalgic, to present the last Horizons editorial for 2017. Over the year, my fellow Editors, school members, and I have covered scientific discoveries such the existence of gravitational waves, discussed the future in the presence of advanced 3D printing, debated the ethics of cloning, and indulged in pure, unfiltered Science.

This last editorial is dedicated to what first hooked me about the Sciences: space. This issue finds its contributors only in my fellow Editors - a parting gift from us to you. I hope you enjoy reading these 7 articles about our wide Universe and its brilliance; I know we've had fun writing about it.

It's truly been a pleasure and I hope the next year is filled with large-scale scientific discoveries that will continue to be covered on Horizons. Stay tuned and see you in 2018!



Learn about our neighboring Red Planet and how it could have harbored life at one point in the past.

Rohil Bahl