Highly Efficient Hydrogen Gas Production

Highly Efficient Hydrogen Gas Production

Although COVID-19 is spreading throughout the world rapidly, scientists and medical professionals are working hard to engineer a cure. However, another interesting discovery seems to have opened our eyes; A research group led by Associate Professor Tachikawa Takashi of Kobe University’s Molecular Photoscience Research Center finally discovered a way to develop a strategy that greatly increases the amount of hydrogen coming from sunlight and water, done using hematite (Iron Oxide) photocatalysts. Hydrogen has received attention as a potential next generation energy solution. In order to make this theory practicable, though, it is necessary to ensure the practice of more efficient and sustainable technological methods.

This method might be used to perform activities such as artificial photosynthesis and solar water-splitting, facilitated by collaborations between the university and several industries. Although the concept of artificialisation of the plants’ primary function seems unreasonable, who knows? Maybe this experiment goes well and it becomes far easier for the plants to perform photosynthesis! Only time will tell.

– Siya Sekhri

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