Hidden Below the Waves

Hidden Below the Waves

Oceans are essential for our ecosystem but they are getting more polluted by the day. The best thing to do is reduce, reuse and recycle. If it weren’t for Oceans, the Earth would be just as barren and lifeless as Mars. Oceans cover a majority of our planet yet very little is known about them. More people have been on the moon than the deepest part of the ocean. 

The deepest of the five oceans, the Pacific, goes down to 7 miles deep at the Marina Trench. That’s enough to hold Mount Everest with 4 freedom towers on top!  Anything deeper than 656 feet is considered a deep ocean and the average depth of the ocean is just over 2 miles.        

Some of the creatures in the deep ocean don’t even look real, like the Googly eyed stubby squid and some, such as the Portuguese Man-o-War, are extremely dangerous. They might look like jellyfish but are 4 co-dependent organisms fused into a giant blob. They use their purple gelatinous head as a sail and attack prey, including humans, with stinger tipped tendrils that could stretch more than half a football field. Another dangerous animal is the Sarcastic Fringehead. When threatened, this foot-long monster fish can expand its giant horizontal mouth filled with sharp tiny teeth up to 3 times the size of its body. However, neither of these creatures holds a candle to the Cymothoa Exigua. This parasite enters unsuspecting fish by the gills, where it stays until grown to full size and then makes its way to the fish’s mouth and proceeds to eat the tongue and replaces it with itself. 

Portuguese Man-O-War

Scientists use a convenient way to divide the ocean into layers for ease of study. A water column is an imaginary line extending down from the surface of the water to the bottom of the sea. This column is divided into 5 different zones based on how much light penetrates through the water. These zones are the sunlight zone, the twilight zone, the midnight zone, the abyss and the hadal zone. In that order, they go from the top of the ocean to the bottom. 

Hence we see that the ocean is vast, mysterious and essential, yet endangered by our activities. We have to ensure that this beautiful resource is preserved.

-Riddhhima Sahu

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