Green Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

Green Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

What element do you think could be a potential source of infinite energy for the earth using which we could meet all our needs? You guessed right – it is Hydrogen! Hydrogen is the most abundantly available element on Earth and can be tapped from water, and organic matter. Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water through electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen, using electricity from wind or solar energy. It is being talked about as the next big thing in renewable energy and researchers have estimated that 22% of the global energy needs could be met through green hydrogen by the year 2050. 

What makes green hydrogen so attractive and useful as an energy source? Firstly, it eliminates the production of carbon and greenhouse gases that are highly polluting by-products of the burning of fossil fuels. Secondly, it is very versatile and can be used in a range of industries including transportation, fertilizers, chemicals, steel-manufacturing, aviation, space travel and so on. This is why many countries around the world have started investing in developing technology to produce green hydrogen. 

India too has recently taken a big step in this direction with the announcement of the National Hydrogen Mission in 2021. Over the next three years, the Indian government targets to spend ₹ 800 crores for developing our potential to produce green hydrogen. If things go as per plan, India could become an energy-independent country by 2047 that exports green hydrogen to Japan, South Korea and European countries. This would mean a huge saving of money that is currently being spent on importing oil. Private companies in India like Reliance Industries and Larsen & Toubro are also planning to invest in green hydrogen plants, which will provide a boost to the National Hydrogen Mission. 

So, here’s hoping that we can soon zoom into the future in our green hydrogen fueled cars and spacecrafts, leaving no carbon footprints behind.

Vedant Abhyankar, 6B


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