Global warming !! It’s Here Already

Global warming !! It’s Here Already

With almost the entire world battling the surprising effects of global warming and climate change, the desert countries including the UAE are seeing ice storms! When I read this last week, it made me think…

What is global warming? As I researched about it, I got to know that Global warming is the term used to describe the rising of the average temperature of Earth. It has to do with the overall climate of the Earth rather than the weather on any given day. It was surprising to find out that even a small change in the planet’s average temperature can have a big impact on the environment.

Here are a few things that scientists think may happen as the temperature rises. As I researched more about it, I realised that some of the things mentioned are already happening.

Glaciers Melting – Many glaciers are already melting and shrinking throughout the world. If the temperature increases, they will continue to melt.

Extreme weather – Some scientists think that warming will lead to powerful hurricanes as well as more droughts andflooding in different areas of the world.

Oceans levels will rise – As the glaciers melt, the ocean levels will rise. This could cause flooding in cities located nearthe coast.

Change in ecosystems – It affects the coral reefs and the other aquatic wildlife.

Migration / Extinction of animals – Animals will migrate to cooler spots as their old habitats get too warm. This couldupset the food chain and put some animals in danger of extinction.

There are some natural changes like volcanic eruptions and the sun’s activity which are not in our control. But the biggest impact is by the greenhouse gasses that are emitted into the air. Many of our everyday activities release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. So let us pledge to do the following and save our planet Earth: We should Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Drive Less and Drive Smart, Buy Energy-Efficient Products, Switch off unnecessary appliances and plant more trees. Stop Global Warming, Save our Earth, Save our future !!

-Nora Chattwal

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