Turbulence: The Order in Chaos

It’s the holiday season, so you decided to hop on a plane and move on to your favorite destination. For a few hours, it’s a rather calm journey, until a sudden jolt makes you jump out of your seat, the plane rattles for a few moments which feel like hours; disrupting the peace of your journey. The culprit behind all this? It’s turbulence. … Continue readingTurbulence: The Order in Chaos


It has become a common realisation that conventional sources of energy like coal, which are being depleted at an alarming rate, will not sustain the needs of the swiftly growing population in coming generations. Non-conventional sources of energy are in vogue these days. But nothing comes as a God’s gift. Dams bring innumerable social problems at our palms, while wind energy too does not offer a perfect solution. With these uncertainties, wouldn’t it look like a candle in darkness if a source of energy that produces 4 million times as much heat energy as coal could be used in the near future? … Continue readingTHE DAWN OF A QUANTUM LEAP: NUCLEAR FUSION

The Science Behind String Instruments

One of the most common string instruments, something that has been used in music for over 4000 years- The guitar! The guitar is usually used as one of the lead instruments. This is usually because of its ability to amplify the noises produced by the strings. When the strings vibrate, they produce a sound, which is amplified by the guitar. Vibrations vary, depending on the length, width and tension of the strings. … Continue readingThe Science Behind String Instruments

Bluetooth: A Technological Leap

Technological evolution has always been a reality check for us humans, which makes us realize how far we have come! Video calling, which made its first appearance on shows like ‘Star Trek’ in the 60s’, was shown as a fictitious, futuristic, way of talking to people while being able to see them, and it was only 4 years later when this dream made its way to reality! … Continue readingBluetooth: A Technological Leap

James Webb Space Telescope

The vast array of planets and stars spread across the mystical skies has always fascinated the human mind. It has been a constant endeavour of the scientific community to resolve mysteries of the sky above, the planets, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe beyond. The space telescopes have been the most useful instrument in this quest to explore the universe. … Continue readingJames Webb Space Telescope

Machine Learning – An Application of Math

Frontier technologies have been in the spotlight for many years now, and terms like ‘Machine Learning’ are thrown around in every other sentence. Yet very few people understand how these models work. The truth is that computer science, like most science, relies heavily upon mathematical modeling. The simplest form of Machine Learning is Linear Regression, and by the end of this article, you will understand the math necessary to perform such a function! … Continue readingMachine Learning – An Application of Math