Autobiography of a Rock

Autobiography of a Rock

My story begins 2 million years ago, when I was a tiny particle of a soft crab shell, soon thrown away. I have lived for millions of years and have had many adventures worth sharing!

Soon enough, I was broken and crushed into tiny sediments. Over thousands of years, I compacted and cemented with other sediments; birds of a feather flock together. We became a sedimentary rock- a limestone. I was mined from the floor of the Indian Ocean and kept for many years in a store house in Kerala. 

I was then taken by bullock cart to what is now known as Uttarakhand. Over the course of multiple years, a kind workman painstakingly carved a beautiful pillar out of me and placed me in a temple, where for hundreds of years I was worshipped and looked up to. However, a massive earthquake caused destruction to my pillar and once again brought me to square one. 

Over hundreds of years, through intense heating of 1,200 Degrees Celsius, I found myself laying hundreds of kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface. I eventually metamorphosed with other shiny particles. All that glitters is not gold, though, and I realized that I was now simply a piece of marble. 

I was mined in the 17th century and taken to Agra under the rule of Emperor Shahjahan. Now in the west wall of the Taj Mahal, I am white and shiny, with precious stones embedded into me. Millions travel to India every year just to see me. I guess all’s well that ends well! 

This, however, is not the end of me; I hear that I will live forever on the Earth.

– Shiv Vir Singh Rawat

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