Editor’s Note


The sound of the school bell, the squeaks of new shoes on the floor, and the shrieks of excited youngsters fill the halls of Vasant Valley School, as classes 1-12 all physically attend school after more than 2 years of online and hybrid learning. But, perhaps more exciting than any of these sites, is seeing the dusty microscopes in the biology lab being used to analyze DNA, hearing the crashing on test tubes as students perform titration in the chemistry lab, and watching iron bars turn into electromagnets in the physics lab.
After nearly two years of learning scientific theory, students could finally see their learning come to life – with experiments, videos, discussions, and of course – the science fair. Students from classes 6-8 are bubbling with excitement as they prepare models, experiments, games, charts, and various activities for the event, all hoping to share their understanding of various phenomena. As we see this newfound joy in experiencing scientific phenomena, the editors of Curiosity decided to collect articles from senior school to show the practical applications of Science.
For what is science? Quite simply, it is the pursuit of knowledge – understanding the universe, the ‘why’ ‘what’ ‘how’ and ‘when’ of every single atom, quark, and life form around us! And if we are unable to relate it back to real life, then can such a theory really have any value? In 16 outstanding articles, various authors from junior and senior school explore multiple exciting topics like the James Webb Telescope, the Slime World, Sense and Sensation, Machine Learning, Nuclear Fusion, and many more – all that show the real value of various theories. As we explore the depths of science and relate it to everyday life – it is our hope that you, the reader, can appreciate the true pervasiveness of science in our lives, and understand its value.
We hope that as you read this magazine, it takes you on a journey. A journey that spans from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to even Psychology, Math, and Computer Science. We hope it inspires you to read further, to explore the horizons, and to learn more, every day. The breadth of topics covered hope to touch upon current research areas in various fields and explore the exciting discoveries to be made in the future! This magazine is as much a celebration of the past as it is an anticipation of the future, and should inspire the next generation of writers, researchers, experimenters, and science enthusiasts because the goal of all our efforts has been and will always be – igniting young minds!
Aryan Agarwal
11 - A